[1] OMA NY Booklets, Studio Lin
[2] Visual Editions, Where You Are
[3] Hort Berlin, City by Landscape
[4] Giorgia Lupi, The Room of Change
[5] Felipe Rocha, Emotional Landscapes
[6] SPACE10, Future Food Today
[7] Gordon Matta-Clark
[8] Stephen Frykholm, Herman Miller Summer Picnic,
Studio Lin is a New York-based graphic design studio run by Yale School of Art graduate, Alex Lin. Many of their clients are engaged with art and design which allows the studio to make more collaborative work, rather than commissions. One example of this is the studio's work for the architecture firm, OMA [pictured].

Where You Are by Visual Editions is a series of maps that will "leave you completely lost." Visual Editions asked 16 writers to imagine their personal idea of a map, and the results make up the sixteen booklets in the series. The publication is also paired with an online reading experience that follows the same visual style of the printed publication. I had the opportunity to look through the printed publication recently, which is a part of my school's special collections.

Berlin-based design studio, Hort, designed a series of books for the architecture firm, Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten + Stadtplaner. The series is made up of six books of varying sizes. Each book composition and typographic systems are scaled to fit the varying sizes of the books.

The Room of Change is a large-scale data-visualization piece designed by Giorgia Lupi and team uncovering the stories of nine individuals and their relationship to their surroundings through the lens of environmental changes, such as the human impact of climate change and  human impact on the environment. The piece was created for an exhibit entitled 'Broken Nature' at La Triennale di Milano in 2019.

Felipe Rocha designed the book entitled 'Emotional Landscapes' for Brazilian landscape architect, Roberto Burle Marx. The book highlights the work of Burle Marx through his work and collections of photographs. I'm drawn to the typographic system Rocha uses throughout the book and the way he incorporates various typographic styles to perfectly complement the work of Roberto Burle Marx.

SPACE10's cookbook entitled Future Food Today is a collection of sustainable recipes that may help us eat better and serves as a "tangible vision" for what a sustainable kitchen can look like in the future. I'm just fascinated by this project, as well as all the work done by SPACE10.

"The American artist Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-78), who trained as an architect, used the urban environment and more specifically buildings as material. He arranged empty premises by, among other things, cutting out fragments. With his interventions he transformed architecture into sculpture, he exposed the soul of a building: to convert a place into a state of mind."

I came across this poster by Stephen Frykholm on Twitter recently, which was made for the Herman Miller Summer Picnic. I love the style of the poster and how expressive the imagery is in its distilled and abstract form.